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Bobby Orr, the Commercials Mogul - Through the years, Orr became a pitchman for various companies and

made various appearances for promotional obligations. Here are some of those companies:


Ostrander’s Jewellers – Ads for a jewellery store chain based in Toronto

Old Mills Pontiac Buick – In the 1970's, in return for a few appearances he got a car he could use

Yardley’s – Promoted Black Label aftershave and other men’s products

Labatt’s – Personal appearances only as pro athletes were forbidden to endorse alcohol

Papa Gino’s – Promotional items with food purchases

Munro Games – Table top hockey games

Canadian Whiskey – Endorsements for alcohol products

Standard Brands – Endorsements for food company that was later purchased by Nabisco

Planter's – Endorsements for snack products

Tuuk Skates – Endorsements for hockey skates company later purchased by Bauer

Bic Pens – Endorsements for new products launch

General Foods – Endorsements for food products such as breakfast cereals

Coca Cola – Endorsements for various products over the years

MasterCard –Yearly promotional videos for "Priceless" series

GM Chevrolet –Yearly promotional videos for "Safe & Fun Hockey Festival" series

Crestwood Boats

Bobby Orr Pizza chain





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