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Most boys collect sports cards, treasuring their hero’s rookie cards, common cards, specialty cards, and other fine collectibles.

As those boys get older and can access larger sums of money, they collect prints, old magazines, jerseys and autographed items from those same heroes.  Any valuable item they could not afford in their youth, but now have sentimental value to them.

Most of these guys collect for the love of the hero, for pure passion or simply as a hobby.  Others, meanwhile, collect the same items but strictly for business:  as an investment which they will later sell for a maximized profit, hopefully…

If you hero is Bobby Orr, and you plan on collecting for fun and dedication to your hero, you are in for a real treat.  There are many collectibles categories to choose from.  You can either specialize in collecting the close to 700 hockey cards that celebrate Mr. Orr’s achievements over the years, or you can choose to diversify and collect anything from pucks and sticks, to jerseys and figurines.

If you plan to collect Bobby Orr memorabilia as an investment, you are in for a financial awakening.  The items you will want to seek and add to your “vault” will not only be hard to find in very good condition, but also they will stress your bank account.

The demand for and scarcity of good vintage pieces have helped make Bobby Orr items very solid investments.

He's probably the best investment of any hockey player.

Bobby Orr collectibles just seem to be money in the bank. The longer you hold onto them, the more they're worth.


Here are some examples of what serious collectors and investors have experienced.

  • Joe Henninger, paid $47,593.20 for the only PSA MINT 9, 1966-67 Topps Orr rookie in a Mastro Auctions sale in April 2007.
  • A PSA EX-MT 6 Orr test rookie sold for $7,200 on eBay in November 2008. 
  • The 1968-69 Bobby Orr #2 card as a PSA NM 7 sold for $969.59 on eBay in September 2008.
  • A Bobby Orr game-used road jersey from the 1968-69 season was sold by Classic Auctions of Montreal for $83,000 to a Quebec businessman. 
  • Another Bobby Orr game-worn jersey sold in April, 2006 for $179,654.79, the all-time record for a hockey collectible at auction.


Bobby Orr Jersey Auction

Orr’s rookie jersey fetches $191,000

On April 23rd, 2010, Bobby Orr's iconic No. 4 Boston Bruins jersey, worn by the hockey legend during his 1966-67 NHL rookie season, sold at a U.S. auction Friday for about $191,000 - well beyond the predicted price of $100,000.

Bidding by phone and Internet was feverish before Texas-based Heritage Auction Galleries accepted a top offer of $160,000 - plus a standard buyers' surcharge totalling about $31,000 - for an artifact associated with one of the sport's all-time greats.

It wasn't immediately known who bought the sweater, which exhibits stitched-up tears and other evidence of Orr's on-ice battles more than 40 years ago.

But it is known that the sale has produced a tidy sum for the item's consignor, Kingston, Ont., resident John Rows.

Rows was given the sweater in the late 1960s by his uncle, Garry Young, a Bruins scout at the time.

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