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There are numerous minor updates that happen all year round to the website. However, there have only been 4 major updates on the site since it's creation in 2009. Each major update focuses on a new aspect. We believe is the best Bobby Orr site on the web and we will continue to set the bar high.

Version 1 - Pre-Start started as a side project on another site. There were very few pages and the site was using a sub domain.

Version 2 - The beginning

The site was opened as and a lot of content was added. The site at the time used a very table styled layout.

Version 3 - Social Update

In this version, the website logo was redesigned. The header also changed, and the tables were removed. This version added social media icons to the top of each page as well as sharing features to the bottom of each page.

Version 4 - All About Content

In a major redesign of, the side menu has been removed and replaced with a dropdown menu. This has been done to allow for extra room for content. One of the more important updates in this version has been making the website become responsive. It doesn't matter weather a TV, Computer, Tablet or Phone is being used, content will always be displayed properly. Other notable features include: comments on photos & a new integrated YouTube video player.

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